How To Make Wellness A Priority In Your Life

Schedule It

Schedule your wellness routine like you would your doctor appointments; don’t let other to dos, phone calls or appointments get in the way of this time. 

Remember This Is Your Life, Not A Fad

Your health starts from the inside. Your wellness should not be looked at as a chore or a recreation, it is more therapeutic and making it part of your daily routine will help you be your best self.

Commit To Another

Find a friend, sibling or partner that shares your wellness goals and commit to holding each other accountable. Send each other daily/weekly text or set a wellness date.

Pick A Location That Is Convenient

Choose a location that is easy to get to. Avoid picking a location that sends you across town or into heavy traffic. You will be more likely to keep it up if you choose a place that is close to home or on your way to or from work.

Delegate Chores

You don't have to do it all yourself all the time. Delegating housework to kids teaches them responsibility and skills they 'll always use in the future.

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