2500 B.C.E

Egyptians used cold treatments to treat injuries and inflammation


Dr. James Arnott -Also, known as the father of modern cryosurgery, observed the local cold application on numerous conditions, from headaches to tumors and reported back the benefits. His solution mixed crushed salt with ice for temperatures of -18° to – 24° C and was used to freeze skin, breast, and cervical cancer tumors.


William A Pusey - Chicago-based physician, preferred the use of carbon dioxide snow at a temperature of -78.5° C, to treat a number of maladies.


Nordic & Eastern European Countries adopt cryotherapy, with Polish scientists adapting Yamaguchi’s approach to decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance. In May 2000, the Olympic rehabilitation center opened in Spala, Poland, featuring cryotherapy machines for training and injury rehabilitation.

400 B.C.

Hippocrates-Documented the benefits of cold expsure when applied to swelling, pain and bleeding.


Dr. James Arnott -At the Great Exhibition in London Arnott failed in his attempt to launch a cold apparatus aimed at acne and neuralgia. The apparatus failed to get cold enough for the purpose. 


Dr. Ray Allington - Following World War II, liquid nitrogen (-196°C) became commercially available. In 1950 this cryogen was introduced into clinical practice by Dr. Ray Allington, who described the technique of using cotton swabs dipped in liquid nitrogen for the treatment of a variety of non-neoplastic skin diseases. Subsequently, this method became common practice for the treatment of verrucae, keratoses, and diverse other non-neoplastic lesions.


Impact Cryotherapy launches their cryotherapy machine — the only one manufactured in the U.S. — and brings innovation to the recovery process.

Napoleanic Era

Ice was widely used for anesthesia and to perform amputations.


Campbell White - First person to use liquid gas in medicine. His air, at a chilling -190° C, was used to treat a diverse number of skin ailments. Using a gas flask as a liquid air sprayer, it was the first handheld cryosurgery device available.


Dr. Yamauchi Coins the term "whole body cryotherapy" and freezes his patient's skin for pain management of rheumatoid arthritis. After experiencing positive results, he and his partner began developing cryotherapy chambers.


Below Zero Cryotherapy Studio Opened the first cryotherapy studio in Powell, Oh - bringing a modern approach to wellness to their community. 

History of Cryotherapy

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