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CBD Collection

Cool Revival

hi-bio hemp body balm. Chill out with this hydrating body balm infused with CBD, Blue Matcha and FHF-grown spearmint extract. 

Mellow Moon Dip


hi-bio hemp relaxation body mousse. FarmHouse Fresh's award winning, light-as-air body mousse infused with fast absorbing, full spectrum Hi-Bio Hemp oil with CBD.


Mellow Moon Dip Hand Cream


Each 2 oz. tube contains 150 mg relaxing CBD, plus U.S. grown, non-GMO omega fatty acid-rich oils – oh so much skin-loving goodness! Its billowy peaks include a powerhouse blend of age-fighting ingredients normally reserved for precious facial treatments. This magical whip soothes skin with mouthwatering lemon cream scent.

New Groove Face Wash


A minty green clean that removes oil, makeup and dirt with three soothing botanicals: FHF farmer grown micro kale extract, green tea, and full spectrum Hi-Bio Hemp oil with calming, brightening, complexion perfecting CBD.

Sun Care

Bronze Fox Tanning Drops-300dpi.jpg

Bronze Fox Tanning Drops

The blend of moisture-loving acids helps plump your complexion, providing a glowing bounce to skin. You'll love your streak-free new color that looks like you vacay every day!

Lustre Drench


Swimsuit model skin, in an instant! This fast absorbing, feathery-light oil brings a warm golden hue to skin, and a seriously silky feel that’s dry to the touch. Skin is made to feel so magnificently soft, you can’t stop touching it!

Face Care

Green Tea Milk Wash

This creamy, gentle, PH-balanced daily cleanser removes makeup, dirt - even mascara and sunscreens - while leaving skin moisturized and soft. Developed to provide soothing comfort as you wash, since we all routinely scrub, peel and polish our faces.


Three Milk Ageless

Top-selling moisturizer is intensely hydrating and combines the richness of botanical milks with a clinical peptide to help erase the appearance of lines as it deeply moisturizes skin.


Crow Catcher

Crows feet are running for the hills! This potent serum took two years to create and clinically test, and uses dermatologist-developed peptides and complex nutrient algae to visibly improve the entire eye area, reducing the look of wrinkle depth by up to 58% in clinical tests with female participants over 2 months.


Watercress Hydration Cascase Gelee Moistorizer


Super-drench and replenish your skin in a long-lasting tide of daily hydration! This hyaluronic gelée moisturizer quenches dry skin, restoring beauty & suppleness with a time-release cascade of skin-firming 2% retinol and powerful anti-pollution peptides. Antioxidant-rich blue matcha, chlorophyll & FHF-grown watercress extract nourish skin with the best of plant vitamins.

The texture of this moisturizer is so light, it will melt on your skin. You will instantly love the beautiful glow, rejuvenated look, and the feel of your quenched complexion.

Body Care

Body Oils

If you love a deep-soaking, luscious after-shower body oil these body oils are for you!

The scents are heavenly light - that women and men alike adore.


Sweet Cream Body Milk

This delicate moisturizer pours over you like milk, and leaves light velvety notes of warm sweet cream. A true treat to moisturize each morning. If you love the feel of a lighter lotion, you will love this pretty formula that hydrates just as well as a rich cream, but without a heavy feel.

Honey Heel Glaze

A scrumptious bottle of love for heels and toes! Honey Heel Glaze ® has been called an Instant Pedicure - loved by magazine editors and customers galore - because this Texas wildflower honey-based serum seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired feet. 


Shea Butter Hand Cream

One whiff and your mouth is watering! Just named one of the "15 Best Dermatologist Approved Hand Creams for Dry Skin" by Women's Health magazine, this rich moisturizing cream blends Shea butter with Vitamin E and Omega-6 rich U.S.-Grown non-GMO Soybean oil to calm even the severest of dry skin, without a hint of a greasy feel.